​You’ll love sharing your home with our exotic shorthair kittens. Playful, affectionate, and social, they makes an excellent family companion.Our exotic Shorthair’s for sale make ideal pets for owners who want a gentle, affectionate lap cat. They are a happy, healthy and mischievous breed. With an easily maintained coat they have quickly established themselves as both a striking show cat and a loving pet. While they may enjoy a nice comfy lap to snuggle up on, our exotics for sale also enjoy some fun playtime with their owners and will have their ‘mad half hours‘ like any other cat. “They love their toys, so if you plan on keeping yours as an indoor cat make sure you have plenty of toys and a climbing frame for them to play on.The Exotic Shorthair’s sweet, relaxed, and playful personality, as well as her low-maintenance grooming and exercise needs, make her the perfect pick for first-time cat owners, or families with children or other pets.

Best known for their distinctive appearance, the Exotic Shorthair is a close relative to the widely loved Persian cat. In fact, the Exotic Shorthair was originally bred as an easy to groom alternative to the higher maintenance Persian; while the Persian requires daily grooming, the Exotic Shorthair’s short, dense, and plush coat is extremely easy to care for. Aside from their drastically different coats, the Exotic Shorthair and Persian are bred to the same standardsExotics are gentle cats who adore their humans, and move through the world with curiosity, soft voices, and friendly ability to get along with other pets and children, while endearing themselves to their owners. Many who see Exotics for the first time are instantly curious about them. They almost look like Persians…but not quite. That’s only part of what makes them unique. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR EXOTIC CAT BREED.


What people say about us


“They love ur cats and the cats love them . The reasonable price very good at what they do”.

We got our exotic from this cattery, she was about 12weeks  old and we’ve had her about 3 years. Never had a more loving cat! She follows me from room to room, is a lap cat, and I wake up to her sleeping next to my head on my pillow. She enjoys her daily eye wipes (sits on the commode waiting for it while I’m brushing my teeth) and enjoys being brushed. The only difficulty is getting her to eat enough — we have to buy an appetite stimulant from the vet. Can’t figure that out, but have tried several foods and this is our last option. Love our cat though, and would gladly have another.

My dad would really like an exotic short hair. We had a calico / maine coon mix and she passed away at the age of 19 from old age, February 14th 2019….Our beautiful little angel was sweet, loving and kind. She loved to be held and was a lap cat too.