shorthair kittens testimonials

Here, you will find what everyone thinks after they get a kitten from us. Bellow are shorthair kittens parents testimonials. 

british shorthair kittens
british shorthair kittens



Happy Kittens

A happy parent for a happy kitten

I’ve got 2 kids, heady as hell. I consider them my wife’s alone, while I have KADDI. Since we got KADDI from you guys I share all my private space with her to the point of making some people jealous ♥ LMAO. She is adorable and sticks around me like we are one soul. Thank you guys again.

Its been 3 weeks now and I feel like a parent. He takes all of my free time, but its worth the cuddles. I work from home, So i needed him more than i thought. Work flows better and I’m so happy to have him. You guys did a great job raising him, and always know Mouse is happy here with me.

My appreciation for Vivian, she is an adorable little bunch of joy. Ever since my son felt sick, my dog stopped playing and just sits by his side. Now she makes my dog run around and play again. This makes my son so happy and he laughs a lot. I’m so happy